Counting of the Omer

The counting of the Omer is a Jewish ritual – in which the Omer is counted every evening , from the second night of Passover till the night before Shavuot.

I did my own form of counting the omer this year – writing down a reflection each of the days. I was inspired by Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav who said, “When a person pays attention to what happens to him during the days of the Sefirah period he soon becomes aware that all he sees and hears on that day…”

Counting the Omer – 49 days

Tues April 28th to May 30th, 2017

Day Affirmation/ reflection What inspired the affirmation/ reflection
 Day 1 – Tuesday, 4/11


Remember to remain hopeful. Things change all the time. People change. People mature. Talk with friend
Day 2 – Wednesday, 4/12


Gather with friends, commiserate and laugh together. Passover Seder
Day 3 – Thursday, 4/13 Replace bad thoughts with the song of spring. Listen to the birds. Notice the colors of the flowers, drink in the green. Talk with grandson about what to do when bad thoughts enter your mind.
Day 4 – Friday, 4/14 Honor yourself. You are a child of God and a gift to the universe. Talk with grandson about how every person is valuable.
Day 5 – Sat, 4/15


When you feel something is unfair – speak out. Tax day protest
Day 6 – Sun 4/16


when your mind won’t stay in the room – count your breath Tai chi practice
Day 7 – Mon 4/17 Just do your best


Talk about the four agreements in my stress management class
Day 8 – Tues 4/18 To be happy you have to care about yourself and to be happy you have to care about others Just a thought
Day 9 – Wed 4/19 If you say or do something you know was unkind – apologize After snapping at husband for no good reason
Day 10 – Thurs 4/20 HARMONY WITHIN CONSTRAINTS In a situation where you have ‘power over’ something be transparent about it. Don’t say ‘its up to you’ when its not. Family conference
OMER DAY 11               Friday April 21st Sometimes it is necessary to talk things through – even if you would rather not deal with it. Processing with a friend.
Omer day 12 Sat April 22nd We are all connected – it’s a single earth we share. Earth day   – March for science
Omer day 13

Sun 4/23

If you are very poor it is hard to understand why protecting an animal might be as important as protecting a human.  There is no either/or – we must protect both. OWL global wisdom circle – wildlife protection in Kenya
Omer day 14

Mon 4/24

Some things can’t be fixed. The best you can do is stabilize them. Family conference
Omer day 15

Tues 4/25

When children are hurt at a very young age-  it stays with them for the rest of their lives. Family conference
Omer day 16

Wed 4/26

Community and creativity are lifelines 12 pianos film & Mandala exhibit at Ebbtide cafe
Omer day 17

Thurs 4/27

Understanding  your limitations and asking for help are strengths Family conference
Omer day 18

Endurance within harmony

Fri 4/28

Celebrate and honor age and experience. Foothill faculty retreat

Long time teachers sharing their wisdom

Omer day 19

Sat 4/29

The constitution protects HUMAN RIGHTS not just the rights of American citizens. All people deserve basic human dignity. Immigration rights protest


Omer day 20

Sun 4/30

I watched as Cinderella’s mother died and was lifted to heaven. I was there – transformed by the magic of humans. Ballet
Omer day 21 – 5/1 A lot of suffering comes from over-control. Family conference
22 – 5/2


We cause each other such unnecessary pain. Book group – The Japanese Lover (discussion about the Japanese internment)
23 – 5/3 It is not possible to do everything. Make a decision and stick to it. Don’t overthink your decision. 3 things to do – only 1 person. Setting priorities can be challenging – because of conflicting commitments and the desire to do everything.
24 – 5/4 Outside appearances can be deceitful. Don’t make assumptions A family conference – a young woman who appears at first site to have it all together.
25 – 5/5


It’s a beautiful thing to live in a society where so many cultures and traditions blend. So unique in the course of history and such a blessing. Cinco de mayo
26 – 5/6 It’s easy to look back and think you should have made a different decision – but you made the best decision you could given the information you had at the time. Speaking with an old friend that regretted a decision
27 – 5/7 Slow down and be present in the hour. You can give yourself one hour. Tai chi class
28 – 5/8 Just like an old car – if maintained well and not driven too much – the body can last a long time. Teaching health and exercise to older adults
29 – 5/9 Feeling genuinely listened to and feeling someone really likes you can be transformative. Therapy session
30 – 5/10 Self-care. Super important. Acupuncture appointment
31 – 5/11 Prevention. A lot of prevention is paying attention. Conversation with a child’s therapist
32 – 5/12 A hinge that never moves will freeze up. It is the same with the human body – move it or lose it. Hiking with a friend
33 – 5/13 Just for today.

I will be happy.

Lag B’Omer (provides a one-day respite as grief is abandoned and replaced with great joy)
34 – 5/14 Just for today.

I will rejoice.

In honor of mothers day and Lag BaOmer
35 – 5/15 One must be in the moment. There is nowhere else to go. When working with older adults – Teaching at Foothill
36 – 5/16 Just get it done. Sometimes finishing is the most important thing. Applying for refinance
37 – 5/17 The earth provides substances to alter our consciousness. It is a gift from the universe. Honor this gift. Discussion about choosing to not drinking
38 – 5/18 Health scares can be a wake-up call. Best to ‘wake up’. Friend has cancer scare
39 – 5/19 Just because ‘there is a problem’ doesn’t mean ‘you are the problem’. From conversation with friend.
40 – 5/20 Going out of your way to bring joy to others – brings joy to everyone (even yourself). A party celebrating a friend’s accomplishments
41 – 5/21 Supporting others’ creative process is important. Open studios
42 – 5/22 When you mind is spinning negative thoughts – tell yourself ‘This is bullshit – get out of the shit and move up to the heart’ From conversation with friend
43 – 5/23 Don’t underestimate your impact on young people. An expression of confidence and love can turn a life around. Visiting the children of a friend who died too young of cancer.
44 – 5/24 Sometimes we get angry at a person for not being angry – when it is clear they should be angry and it is what is needed to be a catalyst for change. Conversation about co-dependence. Staying with a toxic person, etc.
45 – 5/25 Important to prioritize your own creative process. Setting aside a day to write
46 – 5/26 It’s important to let them know you have faith in their ability to manage their own lives. Mentoring a young adult
47 – 5/27 If you keep moving eventually you’ll get there. Claudia’s graduation
48 – 5/28 Just for today, I will be kind. All day long. No excuses. Husband’s birthday
49 – 5/29 We worry that we won’t remember. We believe that not remembering diminishes us. Memorial day & watching my mother’s memory diminish with age

One thought on “Counting of the Omer

  1. Beautifully written sue. I really liked the format of writing your reflectioNs. I am glad you gave yourself the time to write. Looks like you had a special day with the boys!


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